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Arizona Dog Parks

Arizona Dog Parks can be a great place for your dog to exercise, run around leash free in a (usually) fenced in area and socialize with other dogs. There are over one thousand off-leash dog parks in the U.S and Canada and the number is growing monthly. Each dog park has different requirements and rules to use the dog park. These may include age of the dog and people, vaccination requirements, behavior and socialization requirements, spay or neuter requirements, and other requirements. Some require you to purchase a permit to use the dog parks in an area, most are free and open to all. Even if you want to keep your dog separate from other dogs while traveling you can usually find hours when your dog or dogs can use the dog park alone to exercise.

Off-leash dog areas, or dog parks, provide a community setting in which people can gather and socialize and where they can observe the interaction of groups of dogs at play. Dog parks allow owners and their dogs to spend time together and offer dogs a space for play and companionship with others. Leashes can cause dogs to become territorial. Roaming free is beneficial for dogs.

Organizations like the ASPCA view that dog parks are beneficial to dogs and dog owners. According to Dan Emerson of Dog Channel.com, proponents of dog parks cite the following benefits: "They promote responsible pet ownership and the enforcement of dog-control laws; give dogs a place to exercise safely, thus reducing barking and other problem behaviors; provide seniors and disabled owners with an accessible place to exercise their companions; and provide an area for community-building socializing." Dog park regulations vary from park to park, but some are quite extensive and comprehensive.

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Hohokam Park

Located at 799 West Desert Fairways featuring an enclosed dog park, children's playground equipment, three Ramada's, barbeques, restroom facility, trails, tennis, volleyball and basketball courts.

Canada Del Oro Riverfront Park

This 30 acre park offers guests and their pets a number of fun amenities/activities; there are trails in and around the park; pooper scooper stations, drinking water, playing fields/courts, picnic areas, and a performance stage.

SaddleBrooke Dog Park

Welcome to the SaddleBrooke Dog Park, a private facility maintained for the enjoyment of SaddleBrooke residents and their pets. For membership details or to arrange a hosted visit the SaddleBrooke Dog Park Website.

James D. Kriegh Park

Off Leash Dog Park - Located next to the Northeast parking lot.

  • Fenced Park
  • Pet Drinking Stations
  • Mutt-Mitt Waste Stations
  • Dog Toys

Big Wash Park

Located at the corner of Vistoso Village Drive and Big View Drive. To reach this park take Rancho Vistoso Blvd to Vistoso Village Drive and go north to the corner of Big View Drive. This park has children's playground equipment, benches and a water fountain.